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About us

Isabelle Wood | Founder, Head Organizer & Designer

Born and raised in Brazil, Isabelle found her passion for organizing at the age of 17 when she moved to her own place for college. That's when she had full control of the space she lived in, deciding what stayed and where things could be placed. Consequently, she noticed the benefits and how much peace and clarity an organized environment could bring.


Isabelle studied engineering management for over three years. In the meantime, she realized how much organizing strategies were alike to engineering. Both are part of a methodical process involving planning, designing, implementation, and maintenance. 


Organizing Engineers (OZE) is a combination of her passion for clean, minimalistic, and visually aesthetic spaces, with her knowledge of organizational techniques and engineering mapping strategies, making OZE a luxury home organizing company that focuses on designing and implementing beautiful and functional storage systems.

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