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Tidying Storage


Busy schedule? Not good with organizing? Don't know where to get started? We got you covered! Let us handle all the hard work.

We will design a personalized storage solution, find the best products, and organize your space for you.


$75 -$100/hr for 1 organizer
$125-$175/hr for 2 organizers
Additional organizers:

$50/hr per organizer

*Ask us to learn more about available discounts.

Packed Moving Boxes


Moving to a new place can be really overwhelming. We can help you get settled stress-free.

We will help you declutter before moving; find and coordinate with a reputable moving company; arrange cleaning and closet installations; supervise and manage during moving days; unpack and organize your new home.


$75/hr for 1 organizer
$150/hr for 2 organizers
$200/hr for 3 organizers
$250/hr for 4 organizers


Online Class


Do you enjoy organizing but still need expert assistance? You're out of our service areas or prefer a DIY approach? A virtual consultation is a great option for you.

Written personalized organizing plan and product recommendation.




Organizing Plan:

$200-$600 per space 

One-on-one consulting:


organized shelf with a pillow, blankets and containers


Maintenance Packages

Our maintenance package service is designed to help clients maintain the organization and cleanliness of their home after an initial organizing project has been completed. With this service, we will visit your home on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) to help you stay on track with your organization goals.

Closet design

Our closet design service is perfect for clients who want to transform their cluttered, disorganized closets into functional and stylish spaces. Our team of professional organizers will work with you to assess your needs and preferences, and create a custom closet design plan that maximizes storage space and makes it easy to find and access your items. 

Storage consultation

Our storage consultation service is perfect for clients who are planning a renovation or remodel and want to ensure they're getting enough storage space for their items. Our team of professional organizers will work with you to assess your storage needs, create a customized storage plan, and provide guidance on how to integrate storage solutions into your renovation plans.

Vacation Home Setup

Our vacation home set up service is designed to help clients create a peaceful and organized space for their vacation home. We work with clients to source all the necessary supplies for their vacation home, including kitchenware, bathroom essentials, linens, and more. We then organize these items in a way that maximizes space and creates a welcoming and relaxing environment for your vacation. 

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The 0rganizing Method



Now its time to get hands-on and we got you! We will take everything out in order to start with a clean slate.



Together we will be separating the items you want to donate or discard, and your organizer will help you make intelligent decisions.



With everything out, we will sort them into categories.



By the end of the organization process we will share tips and instruct you on how to best keep up with the new setting.

We will give every item their own home in a way that makes sense and with a system that works.



Book your complimentary 15-minute discovery call.

In this call, we will discuss your project details, what bothers you in your space, what you would like to change, expectations, and answer any questions you might have.
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